Some of Charleston’s Latest Success Stories

While Charleston saw growth even shortly after the economic disaster of 2008, the past couple years have been particularly impressive.  We’re highlighting a few new businesses that have made a big splash in Charleston in the last couple years.

Innovative Sight & Sound


With offices located in Northwest Florida and Tampa, Innovative Sight & Sound is no stranger to coastal homes.  They specialize in a host of home technologies including smart home automation systems, lighting control, high performance home theater, and security systems.

They moved into the Charleston area in 2014 and have made a big splash.  With projects all over town including Kiawah Island, Daniel Island, and Mt. Pleasant they are truly doing great things in Charleston

Innovative Sight & Sound
5060 Coosaw Creek Blvd
North Charleston, SC 29420
(843) 737-6145

Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Whether you need heating and cooling services for a home or a commercial space, you can rely on Morelli.  They have over 30 years experience in the Charleston area. They are a family owned business and treat everyone with great respect.

They abide by the Golden Rule. They treat you how we would want to be treated. What else would you expect in a city voted most friendly and most hospitable in America? We’re even trusted with the historic homes and landmarks of Charleston.

Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning
2470 Faber Rd.
Charleston, SC29405

Coastal Landscape Design

Are you looking for someone to maintain your lawn?  Do you want to turn your yard into a garden oasis?  Get in touch with the folks at Coastal Landscape Design.  They have decades of experience working in Charleston and the surrounding low country.  They offer everything from lawn service to landscaping, pavers, and more.

Coastal Landscape Design
2871 Maybank Hwy
Charleston, SC 29455
(843) 559-3311


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